Top 10 Barley Powders

Buy The Best Barley Juice Powders, Ignore the Rest

How the Best & Worst Barley Grass Powders Are Ranked

The Best Barley Powders:

  • Organic or Grown without Chemicals
  • 100% Barley Powder – No Fillers
  • Freeze Dried – (Because Heat Kills Vitamins)
  • Grown in the USA

The Worst Barley Supplements:

  • Contain Potentially Unsafe
    Magnesium Sterate
  • Diluted with Ineffective Brown Rice
  • Maltodextrin Added (sugar)

Scoring Process for the Barley Reviews

  • Barley Juice – 1 point
    Barley supplements come in two forms: 1) Barley Grass Powder and 2) Powder made from Barley Grass Juice. Barley juice contains more nutrients than barley grass, thus you get more health for your $$ when you choose a barley juice.
  • Organic or Grown Without Chemicals – .5 point
    Most barley products are grown without chemicals, but it’s always nice to know for sure.
  • Pure Barely – 1.5 points
    Is your barley pure? Many aren’t! Many companies pad their profits by cheating you out of barley. These add an unknown amount of non-barley powder in the form of brown rice, maltodextrin, and other cheap & less-nutritious ingredients. Some also add magnesium stearate, which is a hydrogenated oil that lubricates the barley powder, making it easier for machines to process the barley. Good for the company, bad for you. Hydrogenated oils have been linked to many diseases and are thought to make digestion of the barley powder much more difficult.
  • Cool Dried – .5 point
    Your barley powder must be dehydrated with cold air! Otherwise, the heat will kill the enzymes, making your barley powder much less healthy.
  • Cold Grown – .5 point
    Barley plants have a lot more nutrients when they are grown in cold weather.
  • Harvested Young – .5 point
    Young plants are exponentially higher in nutrients than old, tired plants.
  • Grown in the USA – .5 point
    Products grown in the USA have a smaller carbon footprint because they don’t have to be shipped from overseas.

Total Possible: 5 points

Top 10 Barley PowdersBuy The Best Barley Juice Powders, Ignore the Rest

How the Best & Worst Barley Grass Powders Are Rank…

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